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How to throw a meaningful and fun Baby Shower | Your Guide to a Memorable Baby Shower

Planning a Fun and Meaningful Baby Shower

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Maternity Photography

You are tasked with throwing your friend or sister a Baby Shower. 

As much as you love your friend and want to make this a meaningful event,  the pressure of making it a fun and memorable event is ever mounting!

Well, before you fret, I have this ground covered for you.

To make sure this is not one of those event with tired games, awkward ice breakers and the well meaning older ladies handing out advices that will freak everyone out, ditch the traditional Baby Shower and do this instead for a memorable baby shower:

Include Dads and Other Family members for a memorable baby shower

Long gone are the days where babies were just the mother’s responsibilities.

Dads are and should be equally responsible for all child rearing duties, this includes getting all the advice from the well meaning older generation!

Also, including other family members in the event makes it more fun and inclusive and can turn into a fun afternoon full of love and blessings.

Keep it simple, ditch the theme

If you are up for it and love a good themed party, absolutely go for it!

But if you are anything like me, the themed decor and party supplies are things from my party nightmare!

Shopping for and organizing a theme party can be overwhelming and things can quickly go out of hands.

Keep the party simple and ditch any elaborate themes. 

Let other friends and family members pitch in, that way all the burden will not fall on you.

Serve good food

If you take away just one thing from this blog, let it be this:

Serve Good Food!

The last thing your pregnant friend wants is to deal with hunger pains while at her baby shower. 

And everybody else too, will appreciate good food.

Food also has a way of getting people around the table and indulging into fun, memorable conversations.

Swap games with hands on activities

Games are fun, but hands-on activities are so much more fun!

Have the guests write a blessing for the baby and collect in a beautiful box, what a meaningful gift this will make for their 18th birthday!

Create a onesie decorating station.

Have guests write cute or funny messages on the onesie and the creative ones can do more than just a message!

Paint wooden letters for the nursery decor or if you have a crib/changing station that needs a fresh quote of paint, get it done now!

Think of activities that will leave small reminders of how loved this little one is!

Maternity Photography by Beautiful Stories Photography
Maternity Photography

Make the event memorable, take lot of pictures

This goes without saying, but please, do take a lot of pictures.

The parents-to-be would love to look back on this afternoon full of love and appreciate this time in their lives when everyone got together to bless the little one on its way!

Gift them a Maternity or Newborn photoshoot

Now, there is nothing sweeter than the gift of memories, is it?

This beautiful journey and the new life on its way deserve to be documented and remembered forever! What can be more precious than the heirlooms your friends will create that will be passed down to generations?

Whether you give them a Maternity Photoshoot or a Newborn Photoshoot, you will give them a gift of heartwarming memories and art that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Now, let's get planning! Share your favorite baby shower ideas (or horror stories to avoid!) in the comments below.  Let's inspire each other and make this a baby shower to remember!


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