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Complete guide to gorgeous Spring Family Photo Session

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Everything you need to know for a stress free Spring Family Photoshoot

Spring Family Photography by Bay Area Family Photographer
Spring Family Photography

Nearly everyone is talking about Spring and the beauty that surrounds this season. There are beautiful flowers everywhere and the days are getting warmer and longer. As beautiful as Spring is, like everything else in life, it doesn’t last long!

So if you saw gorgeous pictures on your social media of your friends surrounded by wildflowers, chances are you are looking to get Spring Photos for your family too!

And why not, your little munchkins will look so adorable collecting flowers for mommy!

So while these pictures are so beautiful, candid and gorgeous, a lot goes on behind the scenes to get those amazing pictures. From choosing the right photographer, to finding the right location and time, to figuring out outfits, to actually getting the photoshoot, can feel like an overwhelming process.

But, no fear, I am going to break it down for you and make the entire process super simple!

Spring Maternity Photography by Bay Area Family Photographer
Spring Maternity Photography

What months are best to get Spring Photos in San Francisco Bay Area?

First things first, to get Spring Photos, you need to know “When” to get the spring photos. Well, lucky for us, the California winters are short and wet and all the rain we get brings us a Spring that is so beautiful and blooms as early as mid-February. So the best time to get Spring Family Photos is from mid-February till March-end.

You might still get some wild flowers well into May, however the majority of the varieties will disappear by March end.

Spring Maternity Photography by Bay Area Family Photographer
Spring Maternity Photography

What locations are best for Spring Photoshoots in the Bay Area?

I am sure you are familiar with Almond Blossoms in Sacramento or the mustard fields in Half Moon Bay but seriously who has time to sit in the Bay Area traffic on weekends for an hour and half to get Spring Photos.

If you are that lucky mom whose kids(read spouse) will not throw multiple fits on the way to Half Moon Bay, you go sister!

But for the rest of us, all is not lost! I have literally hunted these places IN Bay Area and within 15 minutes of driving distance from you(no matter where you live in south Bay Area)

Here are my favorite places to get Spring Photos, sorted by the Spring Flowers:


Wildflowers are more fragile and short lived than wild mustard we see a lot in the Bay Area. Although you can find different types of wildflowers all the way into summer, once they arrive, they stay for just a few weeks.

My favorite places to find wildflowers are:

  • Guadalupe Oak Grove Park

  • Almaden Quick Sliver

  • Calero County Park

  • TJ Martin Park

Wild Mustard

Wild Mustard is another of my favorite flowers and is found so readily in almost all of the parks and nature reserves in the Bay Area.

My favorite places to find fields of wild mustard are:

  • Almaden Meadows Park

  • Orchard Heritage Park in Sunnyvale

  • Heritage Orchard Saratoga

  • Field by North 1st Street and River Oak

  • Queens Pumpkin Patch in Saratoga

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossoms are extremely short lived and very very fragile. If you spot cherry blossoms, try to visit the orchard within a week. Cherry Blossoms bloom for about 3 weeks around April.

  • Orchard Heritage Park in Sunnyvale

  • Heritage Orchard Saratoga

  • Blossom Hill Road by Heintz Open Space

Spring Family Photography by Bay Area Family Photographer
Spring Family Photography

What is the best time to get Spring Photos in the Bay Area?

Are you familiar with the word Golden Hour? Golden hour refers to the time period an hour(more like 40 minutes) before sunset or after sunrise. During this time the sun is lower in the sky and shines a beautiful golden light which makes the photographs “magical”

Have you seen those gorgeous photographs where the sunlight just drenches everyone in the fame in the most beautiful golden hues… yes, that is shot in the Golden Hour.

Sometimes though the all-magical Golden Hour interferes with the little one’s nap or bedtime. If that is the case, talk to your photographer to figure out the times that work for your family.

Spring Maternity Photography by Bay Area Family Photographer
Spring Maternity Photography

What to wear for a Spring Photoshoot?

Isn’t this the one question that everyone needs answer to? What to wear can be a daunting question, especially if you have picky little ones…. the same dinosaur shirt for 3 days in a row? Yep, I have one of those!

So here’s one thing I want to say before I go on explaining how to pick outfits for your Spring Family Photoshoot.

Happy kids in dinosaur costumes(yeah, you heard it right, costume) look so much cuter and are so much more willing to cooperate than grumpy kids in adorable button down shirts. So no matter what you choose, involve your kids in their outfit choices and make sure they are happy with their pick.

Ok, let's dive in!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or comment below!

Spring Family Photography by Bay Area Family Photographer
Spring Family Photography

How to Find a Photographer for my Spring Photoshoot in the Bay Area?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “shortcut” to finding the right photographer for your Family? But the problem is when you search for “Family Photographer near me” a gazillion results show up with photographers ranging from $50 to $5000.

Ok, that was a bit of an exaggeration but it definitely feels like it, doesn’t it?

A Photographer is someone you will share some most meaningful and intimate moments of your family with, they will photograph the very first picture of your babies and they will photograph the graduation pictures of your young adults, yes, they do grow so fast!

So it's only fair that you get a gazillion options to choose from.

I know how daunting it is to find the right Photographer for your Family in the Bay Area, that’s why I wrote an in-depth article to help you with your search. Hope you will find someone you will absolutely love!

Spring Newborn Photography by Bay Area Family Photographer
Spring Newborn Photography

How much does Spring Family Photography Cost in the Bay Area?

This is a big one, isn’t it?

In the fear of repeating myself, I will echo this again, in the sea of photographers ranging from $50 to $5000 how would you know how much does a Spring Family Photoshoot actually cost in the Bay Area? Well, like with everything else in the service industry, good experience comes with a cost. So let me ask you this:

  • Is a good experience important to you?

  • Do you want to know and vibe with the person behind the camera? They are after all invited into the most intimate and meaningful moments in your life.

  • Do you prefer high quality, premium products?

  • Do you prefer consistency in communication, style and the kind of pictures you will receive?

  • Do you value relationships that you build with your Family Photographer?

These might seem like surface level questions, but in reality they are pretty deep! If photographs are a once and done kind of thing for you and you will go find a new photographer everytime you wish to take pictures, you can go with the first one you find on Google Search.

However, if you value the memories you create and you invest in the relationships you built in and around your life, you might have to do some shopping.

Like I said, you will find a photographer in any range, but here’s how you can find out what photographer, style and pictures work for you and How much does a photographer cost in the Bay Area. You can check my pricing and packages here.

Spring Newborn Photography by Bay Area Family Photographer
Spring Newborn Photography

How to book my Spring Family Photoshoot?

Once you have picked your photographer and have a pretty good idea about the locations and the time of the photoshoot, now comes the part that got you to this guide!

Most photographers have a “Contact” or a “Book Now” page on their website. That is where you should start.

Contact your favorite photographer. Most will come back asking you more questions about you, your family, your expectations from this photoshoot. If you take just one advice from this guide, let it be this!

When they ask you questions about you or your family, hold nothing back! Tell them everything that will help know you or your family better. Tell them your kid’s favorite songs or TV shows. Tell them what you love to do as a family, what is your idea of spending a Sunday afternoon. Tell them your story and ask for their’s!

The more you know about each other, the easier it will be to connect. That way when you will meet them for the photoshoot, you will hit it right off the bat!

Spring Family Photography by Bay Area Family Photographer
Spring Family Photography

How to prepare to get the most out of your Spring Photoshoot?

You did all the hard work and booked the Spring Family photoshoot to get the most beautiful pictures of your precious family, it's obvious you are a little nervous. A lot of thoughts run through your head, let’s tackle them one at a time. At least you have a pretty good idea about what to wear, so that’s taken care of!

Most moms worry about their kids(read husbands) being cranky at the photoshoot. I would say, share your worries with your photographer. I am sure they have SEEN IT ALL!!

Photographers are pretty quick to read the room and change the course if they notice boredom or crankiness looming over their subjects!

Another one I get the most is, We don't know how to pose! And you know what? Neither do I :-)

Or the other 99% of the families!

Most photographers(including me) direct you and your family into prompts and games and tickle fest and capture the most beautiful, connected moments of your family! I mean you hired them to capture the connection of your family and not the cast from Downton Abbey!(I have nothing against them!! ;-))

No matter what your worry is, share it with your photographer. Ask for their suggestions. Prepare your kids(and husband) for the photoshoot. Involve them in the planning. Explain them what to expect and most of all, explain to them why it is important to you!

Spring Maternity Photography by Bay Area Family Photographer
Spring Maternity Photography

What to do after the photosession?

I hope you will have an amazing time at the photoshoot. Your photographers go through a lot of thoughtful planning and gestures to make a session memorable for you. From making your kids laugh to singing and dancing with them. They make you all feel special and may give you a little something as a gift in the end.

Now is your time to show some love.

Nothing makes a photographer's day better than a sweet note from a client telling them how much they enjoyed their time together!

If you want to make their week, month, year, leave a Google Review! Your one review will help the photographer and the countless other families choose the photographer they’ll love.

Spring Maternity Photography by Bay Area Family Photographer
Spring Maternity Photography

What to do with the photos from your Spring Family Photoshoot?

Don’t let your pictures get lost in the cloud! Life belongs in print! Print those pictures, make canvas and decorate your walls. What a beautiful reminder of love it will be for your kids to look at day and night and especially in those not-so-sunny days! Create premium heirlooms like a photo album that you will pass through generations!

These are precious memories and deserve to be re-lived day after day and year after year!

I hope this guide was useful and helped you with your Spring Family Photoshoot.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below!


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