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How to celebrate Mother’s day when you are expecting

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

6 ways to celebrate Mother's Day when you are expecting

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Celebrating Mother's Day when you are expecting

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome on this beautiful journey to parenthood. I know you must be so eager to meet the little love of your life and relive your childhood through these fresh little eyes! Holidays have a whole new meaning now. And with Mother's Day around the corner, you must be debating whether you should celebrate Mother’s day or not.

Well, you are a mom and you should celebrate this beautiful blessing.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate Mother’s day in an untraditional way!

Plan it!

Believe it or not, your baby won’t be able to plan a fun Mother's day for a very long time! So it will be you and your partner who will plan these days.

So get on with the role and plan a fun and relaxing day for yourself. Life is so much easier and happier when the expectations are clear and laid out. So just let your partner know what you are expecting on this day and plan your day together. Chances are, he has no clue what to get his wife for Mother’s day!

Get dressed

Pamper yourself. Get a cute outfit and get dressed for the occasion. You are the most important person in the family right now, so it's only fair that you feel like one! Get yourself an appointment at your favorite salon, get your hair and make up done. Dress up pretty and hype yourself a little bit. You totally deserve it!

Get out

Very soon you will realize going out all by yourself is such a treat, even when it's just a grocery run! So get out of the house while you still can without having to plan for a war zone! Set Up a date with your partner or girlfriends. Go for a hike, a movie, a picnic or mocktails. Whatever it is that you enjoy.

Plan a fun meal

Got a crazy craving for spicy pad thai or chicken wings? What's a better day to indulge and take your cravings for a treat? Plan an elaborate meal of all your pregnancy cravings. Celebrate a chef’s night in or order a take out. Invite your friends over or enjoy the meal in your PJs watching your favorite romcom. Do what makes you happy!

Get a massage

Pregnancy is no easy feat and is full of aches and pains! Give those tired muscles some love and book yourself a spa or a massage appointment. A day spent getting pampered is one for the books! Your tired body will thank you and who knows, maybe tonight you will get a complete night’s sleep!

Get a Professional Photoshoot

I can not stress on this enough! You have a life growing inside of you right now, this is no other blessing quite like this! Preserve this miracle forever so you are able to relive these beautiful moments again. Maternity Photoshoot is a celebration of you and your upcoming bundle of joy. Get yourself a professional Maternity Photoshoot, you will be glad you did!


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