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How to prepare for your Maternity Photo Experience

5 tips to truly enjoy your Maternity Photo Experience!

Los Gatos Maternity Photographer

We witness so many miracles in our lifetime and nothing is as beautiful as the life growing inside of you! You have waited for this day for years and soon you will have a tiny little somebody in your arms who will change your life forever and fill it with so much love! Its only befitting to celebrate this little miracle that you are witnessing day and night.

Maternity Photo experience is not just a Photoshoot in a beautiful location, its creating this beautiful memory that you will cherish for your lifetime! So let me help you prepare for this day and take all the anxiety away.

Book in advance

Hopefully with the start of your second trimester the nausea and the extreme fatigue has eased a little bit. Now is the time to really enjoy your pregnancy and book your photo shoot. Many photographers get booked months in advance so make sure you find and book your session well in time.

Communicate your expectations

A lot of times we have ideas about what our Maternity Pictures will look like. Share your ideas and visions with your photographer. This will help your photographer pick the best location that suits your needs. Do you want to bring your Family, Parents or Pets? Do you want to include any family heirlooms or that special little lovey you brought for your baby? List all your expectations in advance.

What to wear

The million dollar questions with a seemingly simple answer. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. This is your day! And you want to look your prettiest self but you also don't want to feel uncomfortable and be done quickly just so you can get out of the dress!

  • Start with choosing a color theme. Whats the season like, is it fall with colors everywhere or is it summer with lot of greens. Choose colors that work well with your surroundings. When in doubt go for earthy tones, you can never go wrong with muted Reds or Greens.

  • Refrain from anything neon like lemon yellow, bright orange or hot pink. Neon colors add color cast to your skin which is impossible to remove in the post processing.

  • Plan yours and your family's outfit around the 2-3 colors you have picked.

  • Add sweaters, scarfs, jackets. These extra pieces always provide nice texture to the images.

  • And never forget shoes! There can be a lot of walking around in the outdoor photoshoots, so plan for something comfortable.

The day of!

You have done all the preparations and you are ready. Just stay hydrated and try to relax, you are in good hands! Arrive at your locations at least 10 minutes in advance so there is no rush and you can get to know your photographer a little better.

This is your day! Just concentrate on having a good time, authentic smiles and connections makes everything a little more beautiful. Think about all the dreams and hopes you have for this little bundle of joy and soak up all the warmth.

Arrange a dinner date afterwards

As I mentioned, its not just a photoshoot, its a celebration of this beautiful life growing inside of you! Sit down for some good food and reminisce the photo experience you just had. There is nothing sweeter than the memories we create!


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