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San Jose Maternity Photoshoot | Almaden Meadows Park

Maternity & Newborn Photographer | Beautiful Stories Photography

I found this beautiful little park in south San Jose with a small hill and beautiful wild mustard growing every where. This was the perfect spot to photograph my maternity sessions. When Pranjali reached out to me for her maternity photoshoot I suggested this location, I was very excited she was onboard with my vision.

When we met on the day of photoshoot she informed me of her back troubles and how it would be difficult for her to climb the hill. As with everything else in life, our photography plans need adjustment sometimes. I found this little field in the park right on the foothill and held the entire session there!

This was one of my favorite Maternity Session! To challenge yourself and to come up with spectacular results is a reward in itself. I am so glad Pranjali shared her condition with me and we were able to modify our plan. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Maternity sessions are designed with the mom-to-be in mind. My sole purpose on these sessions is to make sure the Moms are comfortable and relaxed! The memories we create are so special and I want my families to smile every time they look at their pictures and reminisce this beautiful time in their lives.