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2020 A year of Hope or Despair ?

I am on the brim of bringing another life on this planet, and what a year it has been! From a global pandemic to civil unrest, events that have turned the whole world upside down. Life as we knew it doesn’t exist anymore. The NEWS and social media is full of posts about loss and despair. To say this has been the craziest year of my lifetime wouldn’t be an overstatement!

And then I have this whole world of hope and dreams growing inside me. With every kick I feel and every heartbeat I hear, I am filled with this overwhelming hope and joy that makes me believe everything will be fine. We will ride through this pandemic, this economic crisis, the unrest in the society and see the other side of this storm.

For every life lost, we also saw someone who selflessly and tirelessly worked to make sure people get the care and medical aid that they need. For every job lost, we also saw how communities came together to help each other. For every racist and unfair action in the society we also saw allies who held hands and stood up with the minorities. We saw heroes emerging from ordinary people and we saw resilience in our parents and kids. We saw people joining hands and finding purpose in the difficult times.

So as hard and as crazy this year has been, it has also been a year of deep reflection, of knowing what really matters in our lives, of finding hope and purpose in despair. Do I want to live through another pandemic, no, absolutely not! But I will pick positives from this year and look back at it as the year that taught the world humility and gratitude.