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Stealing Frozen Yogurt?

Not just any frozen yogurt.... the best kind!

Mom and kids in a park at sunset, Beautiful Stories Photography
Me and My Munchkins

Last Sunday we were sitting at our favorite frozen yogurt place when we saw this family walk in. They took the frozen yogurt and started eating...without paying!

And we were like… what-the-what!!!

Did that really happen? Did they just steal the frozen yogurt?

Now to rewind a little bit, my husband spent the entire Sunday evening glued to the TV watching Superbowl. Now I know, a man got to watch his game and everything and I enjoy the commercials(can this be said anymore times!) and the halftime show, which was oh my gosh… mind blowing!

Can we pause a minute and talk about Rihanna? When I was pregnant, I could barely make it to the office without getting nauseated and here she was, suspended in the air, rocking the show, looking like the goddess that she is! I was blown away... is an understatement!

Anyways, back to the topic, so after Superbowl kids guilted Vicky into getting Fro-yo. I suggest this new place that had just opened up, but Kiara was hard to budge. She only wants to go to Yopop(I swear I am not getting paid for this ad) because they have a play kitchen and a bunch of toys that they both just love.

So when we saw someone stealing from our favorite Fro-yo place it was quite disturbing!! But soon we realized they were the owners!! Thank goodness we did not create a scene 🤣🤣 We went and spoke to them about the misunderstanding and had a good a laugh about that. "I get that a lot!!", the husband jokingly mentioned.

I then told them why it was our favorite place. And they were so glad to hear that, because this was the very reason they put the play kitchen and the toys there, so parents can enjoy their Fro-yo without having to worry about their kids running away or making a mess!

It's always the small things that make all the difference! Isn't it!! In the grand scheme of things, what's a play kitchen? But for a child, it's something to look forward to! It's something to drag your whole family to the same place over and over again, that now you're on the first name basis with the owner!

This is exactly how I want my families to feel when they choose me to photograph their precious family! Like the frozen yogurt, you expect my pictures to be amazing, but it's the play kitchen that will bring you back to me over and over again(I really hope so!)


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