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What to wear for Winter Maternity Photoshoot

Updated: Jun 6

Style guide for your Winter Maternity Photo session

Maternity Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Maternity Photoshoot in San Jose

Winter Maternity Photo shoots are my absolute favorite! The air is crisp and clean, the sunset is early and beautiful and no one breaks into sweat after a little hike. Lucky for us, California winters are not too harsh either, so you can be out and about for the entire session without worrying about getting too cold. However, winter does provide a very different landscape and some rains, so in this article I will go over what to wear for your Winter Maternity Photoshoot to make the most of your beautiful evening.

Dress in layers

I know you envisioned a gorgeous flowing dress for your maternity photoshoot and that's what you should go with! Pair it with some leggings and lovely boots and you got an amazing outfit! Add layers, a large coat or sweater. Texture photographs so well. All these layers will keep you warm and make you look suave!

Bring a scarf, shawl or large sweater

Props are amazing and really adds to the story! A scarf flying in the air or a warm shawl wrapped around you makes the pictures so much more interesting. And the best part? When you are engaging with your prop, you will not worry about the camera around you.

Include Hats

Hats are so cute! And beanie can add a pop of color into the winter landscape. Get a matching beanie for your partner and one for the new baby too. It will be a very sweet picture to recreate when the baby arrives.

Another thing that will create a very beautiful portrait is a winter flower crown.

Maternity Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Maternity Photoshoot in Los Gatos

Colors that work best for Winter Maternity Photoshoot

California winters are mild and rainy. The winter landscape is mostly lush and green and starting February we start seeing wild mustard everywhere!

The colors that work the best in this landscape are hues of reds, yellows and orange, off white or white and pastels.

Ready for your Maternity Photoshoot? Here's how you can prepare.


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