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10 Tips for Planning a Fall Maternity Photoshoot

A Step-by-Step Guide for Planning your Fall Maternity Photoshoot in Bay Area

Mom to be in red for a Fall Maternity Photoshoot
Bay Area Maternity Photoshoot

The most beautiful time of the year is here! And lucky you, you get to have your maternity session in Fall. There is beauty everywhere, a little crisp in the air and you are finally feeling a little bit like yourself again. Pregnancy is the most beautiful journey filled with hope, love and so much joy and what better way to celebrate it than a Maternity Photoshoot in Fall.

And the best part about fall, you don’t have to worry about being too hot. You can pick the most gorgeous dress and enjoy a beautiful evening celebrating yourself and the little love of your life.

You will create memories that will last a lifetime so let me help you figure out your Fall Maternity Photoshoot

Book in Advance

I cannot stress this enough! Fall is the busiest time of the year for photographers. Every family and mom-to-be looks forward to their dream sessions in Fall. The calendars start filling in, sometimes as early as June for the Fall photo sessions. If you want a Fall Maternity Photoshoot, start looking now. You don’t want to miss out on a spot on your favorite Photographer’s Calendar.

Fall colors and your Outfits

Like I said, Fall is the best time of the year for a photoshoot and here’s another reason. Your outfits.

There are beautiful hues of reds, oranges and yellows everywhere. Nature is all decked up and you get to be a part of it too!

Pick earthy colors for your fall photoshoot and get inspiration from nature. The best colors for fall are obviously hues of reds, oranges and yellows. But you will be surprised to know just how beautiful Off White looks amidst all the colors in the background.

Take advantage of the cooler season and go for layers. A light sweater, scarf or a hat photographs so well and adds so much texture.

If you are up for it, do it a little differently and go plaid for your Maternity Photoshoot. You will look so cute flaunting that baby belly in plaid.

But here are some things to be careful about:

  • Don’t match! Coordinate. The days of wearing matching clothes are a thing of the past!

  • Skip the logos and bold graphics

  • Do not let Pintrest guide your decision. Choose what you love to wear and go from there.

  • Choose comfort. The last thing you want are swollen ankles or a back ache after the Maternity Photoshoot.

Location is the key

Fall is all about location, isn’t it? Especially in the Bay Area because we do not have a lot of locations with Fall Colors in the Bay Area.

Well, good news is, I have hand picked some really beautiful locations for your Maternity Photoshoot in the Bay Area.

Now you might not get the color drenched landscapes of the midwest, but I assure you we will have the best of what the Bay Area has to offer. Here’s where you can find Fall Colors in the Bay Area.

What to do on the Day of photoshoot

If you only take away one thing from this blog post, let it be this!

You have done all the planning, your outfit is ready, your props are ready, you have done everything you can to make this a success. Now relax!

Just trust your planning and trust your photographer. Get that nap in. There is nothing more fun than feeling fresh and energetic at your Maternity Photoshoot.

Give yourself enough time to get to the location early, sometimes the trek from the parking lot to the actual area of the photoshoot takes a lot of time and energy.

The last thing you want is to be out of breath before even the photoshoot begins.

And once there, let go of all the expectations and worries.

Just enjoy this time with your baby and soak all the love in.

What to do with your Maternity Photos

You did not get that photoshoot to let your pictures collect dust on some cloud storage.

Download those pictures, order prints, create wall art and picture albums. These beautiful memories will be a family heirloom that you will pass on to your next generation!

To make this an easier process, every collection of mine comes with a print credit that you can use at my store to print your beautiful pictures and create art!

After all, Life belongs in Print!


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This is why I created this Memory Keeper's Handbook. My hope is with this Memory Keeper's Handbook you will be able to preserve the beautiful and fleeting moments of everyday life.

I believe the most important legacy that we give our children is happy memories.



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