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Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot

When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I dived in to Pinterest and Instagram and fished out these beautiful pictures of women in their gorgeous flowy dresses, with their hair flying in the wind and their pregnancy glow shining through their hopeful eyes. I was determined to document every step of my last pregnancy, you see when I was pregnant with my first, almost 7 years ago, pregnancy pictures were not that big of a thing. Also I did not know how to take good pictures so I have just one phone snapshot from that time. But this time, it was going to be different!

And then the reality hit! I was nauseated and sick and tired and drained out of energy. Getting out of the bed was a struggle. I spent most evenings curled up on my couch, sucking on pregnancy-pops and binge watching netflix. Picking up my camera was not even on my to-do list. Obviously all the plans of getting those Pinterest worthy pictures took a back burner and stayed there for all 9 months.