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Family Photoshoot with Baby in San Jose | Golden Hour Photoshoot

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Beautiful Stories Photography | Premium Family Photographer

Ruby reached out to me to photograph the newest edition to their family, their 6 month old baby, Azad! She wanted a family photoshoot and also wanted to recreate some of the images from their pre-wedding photoshoots. I personally love recreating pictures from past because they tell such amazing stories! I have a lot of pictures of my own family re-created. We looked through her pre-wedding photos and short listed a bunch which we would try to recreate.

She suggested Baylands Park in Sunnyvale for the photoshoot. I personally scout every location before I photograph my clients there. Although the park is beautiful with vast expanse and a view of San Jose mountains, it looked pretty burned and brown.

So I suggested Almaden Meadows Park for the Family Photoshoot. This park had wild mustard growing in at the time. I am so glad Ruby trusted my suggestion and we shot at Almaden Meadows Park. Her Red dress complemented the yellow mustard and the tall golden grass so well!

Family Photoshoot with Baby by Beautiful Stories Photography
San Francisco Bay Area Family Photoshoot